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29 April 2008 @ 11:30 am
Meeting New Folk  
Ashyn takes Elzanyth for a bath at the lake and meets Ierne's new greenrider, Jazra.

---| Lake |--------------------------------------------------| Ierne Weyr |---

The pristine waters of the lake spread out in a jagged circle of sapphire fixed into a bed of rich basalt sand. Shallow sand bars are dispersed among pockets of depth, lending to a patchy appearance as the water's blue shades lighten and darken sporadically. The richness of the obsidian sand throws a deep shadow over the waters, causing them to be darker in nature and reach an almost impenetrable navy near the center. Along the northern fringes, the beach is set upon by tall grass and flowering trees of viridian green. Water plants grow sporadically here and there providing a safe haven for various forms of aquatic life and a good fishing hole. Farther south, the foliage slowly dwindles away to reveal statuesque arrangements of polished lava rock and an endless beach of glittering cobalt. The lake is alive with an endless procession of hurried waves lapping hungrily at the shoreline. The white-crested waves are generally strong in their constant ebb and flow and the water is cool, yet refreshing. A gentle current at the eastern edge of the watery expanse leads off into a channel. The waters follow this path away from the lake, disappearing mysteriously into the distance.

The cool autumn afternoon continues along with a blanket of high clouds dancing overhead.

People:      Ashyn           Jazra         
Dragons:     Elzanyth        Liaoth          Chelith       

In her mid to late twenties, Jazra is kinda curvy, but very tall, and those curves are mostly muscle. Her eyes are the color of steel. Her black hair is cut short except for three strands wrapped in bluegreen thread. These have green glass beads strung on the end. Her hair looks kinda fluffy, the look you only get if your hair has been short for a long time, and then begun growing out again. She's wearing hoop earrings made from bright green glass. Three simple jade bracelets hang around her right wrist, completely unadorned.

She's dressed in black low rise denim trous. Instead of a belt tying these in place she's got a red sash strung through the belt holes. Hanging from the sash she has a small beltknife, the type used for hunting. Her boots are narrow, elegant and black, with steel tips and buckles that glint in the sunshine. She wears a black strap top with a green velvet button up shirt with the knots of a green wingrider. The badge of Ierne Weyr has been added to her jacket beside the knots.

Jazra is carefully bathing Liaoth, the severe looking woman has a smile on her face, her hands moving the brush rhythmically and fastidiously over her green's hide. Liaoth is crooning in enjoyment at the attention. "Lovely Liaoth, go rinse off."

Elzanyth and Ashyn come plodding down the path from the bowl. The towel slung over the greenrider's shoulder, scrub in her hand, and large jar of soapsand in the other hint that the pair is there for the same reason as Jazra and Liaoth. Her dark green eyes widen just slightly when she notices the familiar Ierne Weyr patch on the unfamiliar greenrider's jacket. "Ah! Hello there...I was about to call Ierne's duties, but I see you're one of us. Wonder why I haven't seen you about before."

Jazra looks up. "Oh, I'm a new transfer. I haven't been tapped into a wing yet officially. ah, well...... the Wingleaders haven't gotten around to it yet I suppose. I really wonder what's taking them. I'm going to nag the Weyrsecond soon as I finish with Liaoth's oil." The green is fluting happily as she paddles around in the water. Tigerlillies and cherry blossoms floating over her mind.

Dragon> Elzanyth senses that Liaoth's mind is awash with floating cherry blossoms, tigerlillies swirling over the water and twirling maple leaves. <<Helloooooooooooo!>> The green's croon is at once shy, friendly, and reflecting sheer pleasure at the act of swimming.

"Ahh, that explains it." She half-smiles cheerfully, watching Jazra and her dragon as Elzanyth swiftly moves into the water herself. She sticks to the shallows, though, and Ashyn wades in after her. The young green wiggles a bit in the pool, using her forelimbs to splash water onto her hide. Ashyn nods gratefully to El' before setting about scrubbing on the soapsand. "Where are you originally from, then? And Aedai's real nice, I'm sure she'll set you up with a great wing. I'm in Autumn Fire, so if you get tapped into that one, you'll be seeing a lot more from me!"

Elzanyth> Liaoth senses that Elzanyth responds with more land-type plants, showing blossoming jungle flowers that are typical of the Weyr. Orange, pink, and red are the main colours featured. <<Welcome to Ierne! Do you like it so far? There are many, many places to sun. It is nice.>> Happy sun rays burst out of her mind, showing her pride for Ierne and its warmth.

Jazra smiles warmly. "Monaco, its very different from here, but its my place, if you know what I mean. I came from the old time as a thirteen turn old and impressed at Monaco, but I came with an older brother and his Weyrmate. I decided that I was too old to be following in their shadow. So when the opportunity to transfer came, I figured, I'm in my late twenties its time and a half to go off on my own." Jazra shakes her head. "I enjoyed Monaco, that's why I stayed so long, but a change of scene is always a good thing." She nods at the mention of Autumnfire. "I'll ask Aedai about Autumnfire then. I'll have a friend."

Dragon> Liaoth bespoke Elzanyth with << Oh indeed.>> Strelitzia blooms burst into excited existance, waving in warm jungle sunshine. <<It is lovely. >>

Ashyn stops her scrubbing of Elzanyth to turn towards Jazra and listen politely, nodding at all the proper intervals. "I'm sure the Weyrleaders'll be happy to have ya. Always need fighting pairs in these times, eh?" She winks despite the hint at the dark threat of Thread and turns back to fiercely scrub more cleansing sand into her green's hide. "'scuse my rudeness! I'm Ashyn, by the by." She suddenly remarks, her cheeks reddening slightly, though her back is handily turned to the other greenrider. "Friends already? My, you're a friendly sort!" She remarks with a chuckle, her blush fading as she relaxes once again.

Elzanyth> Liaoth senses that Elzanyth threads golden strands of light through her image of a herb garden. The scent of citrus blossoms and cinnamon are particularly fragrant. <<If you are new, you should try to get your rider to clean you with some of our local scented oils. I cannot smell them very much, but mine tells me they are wonderful.>>

Jazra nods. "I'm Jazra. Green Liaoth's. I'm trying to be friendly. I've always been more of a rough and tumble sort. Oh for turns I was the most over serious sort. But a few turns after Weyrling training, she turned that around. Still..... well.... I tend to be abraisive sometimes. So trying to be a friendly sort is a good thing. And it helps that she's so friendly."

Ashyn turns her head to show Jazra her cheerful smile, though her hands continue to massage the soap sand into Elzanyth's hide. "Aww, well don't worry too much. Sure, we all gotta face the horrors of Thread here, but we tend to be a friendly sort. Minus the roguish types, but they're easy to get drunk, and that usually fixes matters. Really, if you have a problem with anyone, just challenge them to a drinking game or somethin' like that." Now that Elzanyth's side is sufficiently soapy, Ashyn sets about scrubbing her down with the cleansing water of the lake.

Jazra nods, as Liaoth comes dripping out of the water. Long narrow jade sails extend, fluttering quickly to shake off the water. At the mention of thread, Liaoth's whistle becomes cocky. "What dragonrider doesn't have to face thread?" Jazra points out. "Thread I can deal with, but as riders go I'm probably the most socially awkward of my old wing." Jazra chuckles.

Dragon> Elzanyth senses that Liaoth's mind is filled with Camelia blossoms that burst like a firework, bright reds, whites and pinks scattering all over. Iris's poke upwards from beneath and both flowers send their scents whirling through the air. <<Mine prefers practicality to beauty. To her, something that does its job is more beautiful than something aesthetically pleasing that does not. It would depend on the oil's scent, I think, as to whether or not she'd get me some.>>

"Dragonriders that are in an Interval, of course." Ashyn states, rather matter-of-factly. "Not sure what would be worse, putting your life on the line to fight Thread but getting appreciation for it, or sitting around like a useless, but safe, lump during an interval. Though, I guess they probably keep themselves busy, but it wouldn't be the same." She pats her dragon proudly while her other hand reaches down to the lake to splash more water onto her bright green hide. "I was so happy when Elzanyth here looked at me out on the sands, 'cause I knew it meant I'd be protecting Pern and all. Guess that sounds a bit lame, but eh." She shrugs gently before continuing, "Well, socially awkward or no, I'm sure you'll bring some interestin' perspective to the table. Wingleaders are always interested in how other wings are being run."

Elzanyth> Liaoth senses that Elzanyth sends a gentle whiff of a breeze through their collective image of the flowers, almost akin to a mental shrug. <<But things can be beautiful /and/ practical. Looking nice make others treat you nice, sometimes. I like to make sure mine is always looking pleasant. Of course, when it comes to our fighting of Thread, I do not make her wear ridiculous outfits. I am reasonable.>>

Jazra nods and sighs, looking over at Liaoth who settles herself delicately to the ground. "I was happy too, I'd get to follow my older brother and his Weyrmate, Triana into battle to defend Pern. So I had somebody to fight alongside. My question was how such a ball of raw happy energy liked somebody so..... antisocial. You know, when I was a candidate I once threw a boot at a male candidate when he teased the other girls. It missed, but I still threw it at him."

Ashyn chuckles happily rather than giving Jazra a scolding look after her candidacy story. "That's totally understandable, though! The lack of privacy and all that hard work is enough to drive any candidate crazy. 'course, I never threw a boot myself, but there were lots of times I wanted to." She traces a finger along the shifting colours of Elzanyth's hide, following a particular shade of light green. "Any of the teasing males impress? That'd be a pain, to have to be weyrlings with them too. And nobody knows why dragons pick who they do, but no one can argue that they always make the right choice for themselves."

Jazra nods. "Yeah, the boy I threw the boot at impressed a blue!" Jazra shakes her head. "But he was a silly, sarcastic...... eeeeh, well. He fit the dragon he got I'll tell you that much." Liaoth twitters, stretching all sphinxlike.

Ashyn giggles again, drumming her fingers on Elzanyth's side. "Yeah, some dragons are real jokers. Kind of jealous of them sometimes. I figure since they forget watching their mates die in 'fall, it's easier for them to be cheerful." Shrug. "Not that I'm really a depressing sort myself, though." Now that she's done washing one side of her dragon, she takes the opportunity to plunk herself on the black sand beach. Off go her boots and her feet go splashing in the water. "That's better! Hate leather boots sometime. Not so good in our heat. Oh, right. If you need any new clothes for your new environment and all, I'm sure the headwoman would love to show you around the storage caverns."

Jazra chuckles. "Monaco was hot too. I just modified my hatching sandals a bit and the style stuck. They're very good for bathing one's lifemate. Otherwise I still wear boots, simple, formal and elegant." Jazra lifted one foot. "But when bathing Liaoth I wear these." The sandal turned upwards at the heal, protecting the achilis tendon. Straps held it to her foot at the ankle. Otherwise it looked like an ordinary flipflop, made from straw and reeds and reinforced with wherhide.

Ashyn nods approvingly as she leans in close to Jazra, in order to see the described sandals better. "Yeah, usually I just wear super plain but super durable sandals when I'm going about my business in the Weyr. I just got off of sweeps, though, and didn't have much time to change and grab soap sand. Elzanyth /loves/ to look all pretty and she happened to get some dirt on her when we were visiting one of the Holds, so of course she wanted a bath the moment we got back." A dejected sigh escapes her lips, but a smile tugs at her mouth at the same time. "She's quirky, that's for sure. Your dragon have any odd habits?"

Jazra frowns for a moment. "She can have a pretty foul temper, she can be silly but she won't take nonsense. But odd habits? Hmmmm...... well she likes to have me read to her sometimes if that's a habit." Liaoth warbles happily, and several happy thistles and cornflowers crop up across her mind. Jazra sighs, scratching her head. "Dear, do you know how uncomfortable it is having thistles scratching around inside your head?" Jazra asks her lifemate. Liaoth croons smugly. "Her mind, its filled with flowers, and wind, when she nags, however, she thinks in thistles."

"Well, Elzanyth is the worst hopeless romantic I know. She's always snooping in people's love lives and trying to get me to dress up all pretty. Never met another dragon that's interested in fashion like she is." Ashyn explains with a half-smug, half-amused smile. "Her voice...it's always ringing, but like a pleasant way. Y'know, like the cheerful bells Harpers sometimes play. But she loves plant imagery too." She shoots Jazra a look full of compassion. "Glad she doesn't like sending any painful images my way."

Jazra chuckles as Liaoth flutters her wings and turns her head to Elzanyth. The green's eyes are whirling smugly. "Oh no, don't you tell her about that Liaoth." Jazra hissed. Too late.

Dragon> Elzanyth senses that Liaoth's mind squirms happily with a festive spray of tigerlillies, feathers are somehow scattered into the spray, hibiscus blossoms spring up in an airheaded riot of color, these are piled onto a bed of Strelitzia mixed with cheerful lilly of the valley and mischievious cornflowers. <<Mine flirted with a dragonhealer greenrider at Southern! The greenie was..... um...... um..... I forgot. But her lifemate was Mirabeth! Mirabeth's was very angry at a mindhealer, mine didn't know what to do, so she trotted out a pickupline!>>

Ashyn attemps to maintain a smooth, polite smile as Elzanyth relays the embarassing story to her, but a grin pokes its way onto her face despite her efforts. "Lucky for you, I'm not totally familiar with Mirabeth's rider. I do recognize the name, though." She winks and leans in towards the greenrider and remarks in a hushed voice, "Don't worry, your secret will be safe with me. Besides, most dragonriders are the flirtatious sort. Wouldn't have seemed outta place at all." She rolls her eyes and flops on the grass, shifting from a seated position to a lying down one. "You should hear me when I'm proddy. Well, I don't always go crazy with cheesy pick up lines. Sometimes I get real irritable and snap at people. Not sure which mood is better, really."

Elzanyth> Liaoth senses that Elzanyth responds with a sweet tinkling of silver bells, her equivalent of a draconic laugh. <<Mine isn't great at flirting, either, so she tries to avoid it. How I wish she'd find a man, though. She's so wonderful. It's amazing none have really fallen for her yet. Mine tells me I am biased, but I do not quite understand what that means.>>

Jazra laughs. "Better than me when I get proddy. I completely lose my head, common sense, fashion sense, attention span. Aside from things like "Get up, get dressed, wash Liaoth, feed Liaoth, and oil Liaoth I kinda lose it. I swear one of these days I'm going to float away."

Ashyn grins as the greenrider empathizes with her proddiness as only rider of another female dragon can. "They drive us nuts, yet we still love our lifemates to death." Her grin widens to show her white teeth, but the next moment she's abruptly rolling her eyes. "Speaking of being driven nuts..El' is telling me she wants to go bathe in the /ocean/ now. Apparently the salt is good for her hide. Makes it shinier or somethin'. Don't ask me." She gets to her feet and wipes off the grains of sand that have collected on her clothing. As she tugs on her boots she continues, "Either way, welcome to Ierne! I'm sure you'll find a way to fit in, and maybe we'll even be wingmates soon." Now that her boots are securely on, the dragonrider pair head off towards the bowl. A wave is tossed over Ashyn's shoulder towards Jazra and her green as they go.