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28 April 2008 @ 09:30 pm
It really is crazy in Southern! Jazra flirts?  

---| White Sands Beach |---------------------------| Southern Weyr (#630) |---
 Fine sand encircles the shore of the lake with only the occasional palm tree to provide shade and break up the blinding whiteness. The lake sparkles with refracted light, the water dancing from the waterfall's plummet to the river far below. As a result mellow waves lap against the shoreline, a smoothing of the sand's natural formations the only hint of where the tidemark lies. As the day progresses, the grains of sand retain the heat from Rukbat's rays, making the beach difficult to walk upon. It is then that the thick green foliage separating the beach from the meadow's edge becomes a favorite, the shade a welcome change.

 As the stars come out in the sky above, a faint breeze meanders through, bringing a touch of coolness to the still-warm air, ruffling the reflection of stars in the water.
People:      Jazra           Chamynda        Kole          
Dragons:     Eliaryth      
Others:      Liaoth                Sand Shrine         
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Kole sits under the tallest tree on the beach, a small clutch and a notebook beside him, Chamynda sitting nearby. The young man listens closely to the weyrwoman's explanation of voices, taking in the information. He smiles broadly at the next, shrugging his shoulders a little. "I'd love to do those things for her, but I can't offer her much of my time as a candidate. As far as a gift, I thought I'd be able to get more than something small for a firelizard egg..." He ponders aloud, crossing his arms in thought.

Jazra is finished with the delivery she had to make from Ierne. The severe looking woman walks beside her green. Liaoth is looking this way and that around her, her talons leaving prints in the damp sand beneath her feet. She spots Chamynda and Kole, and warbles a greeting even before her rider notices she's not alone on the beach.

Chamynda nods "As far as practical gifts go, perhaps you'd be better off asking what she needs. But for a surprise, I'd think you could get something fairly substantial in trade for a firelizard egg, to be sure. And..." Whatever Chamynda was about to say next is cut off by a dragon's warble, followed by Eliaryth's greeting warble. "Hello, and Southern's duties to you, rider." She welcomes Jazra.

Kole looks up as another rider approaches, grinning shyly and holding up a hand. "Southern Weyr's duties to Ierne and hers." He greets in turn, speaking a little quietly. He looks from Liaoth to Jazra to Eliaryth and back, grinning slightly.

Jazra nods slowly to Kole and Chamynda. "Ierne's duties to yours." Liaoth gives Eliaryth a curious look, then lets out a squeak, and suddenly the green ducks her head shyly at Eliaryth. "Aaaw Liaoth, don't be shy!" She says to her green encouragingly. The dragon looks up and blinks in surprise, there's a low warble from the green, still shy. "I'm Jazra, green Liaoth's. I finished my delivery here, so I thought I'd go for a walk near the lake before I go." She says pleasently.

Eliaryth rumbles lightly to Liaoth. No need to be shy, I'm a dragon, just like you, see? "It's a pleasant day for a walk, yes." Chamynda agrees. "The weather seems to be coming good, at last. At least, I hope it is. Been mighty depressing lately, with all that cloud cover and dankness. Hardly anything green will grow." The goldrider pats the sand next to her, on the other side away from the firelizard eggs that is. "Have a seat, Jazra? I'm junior weyrwoman Chamynda, by the way." Cammy looks over at Kole. "Where did Senuti go? Eliaryth didn't sit on her, did she?"

Kole watches the antics of the shy green, feeling for her, trying to take the woman's words for his own and raising his chin. Chin-up, boy, don't be shy. "Well met, Jazra, Liaoth. I'm Kole." Not much more to say, here. Oh, yeah! He's dressed for a swim, knot nowhere to be seen. "I'm a candidate here." Senuti, as if on cue, comes splashing out of the water to hover over her eggs, circling and examining the other women. Look at all these humans, shown up while I was gone! "This is Senuti. She's the proud ma." He indicates the clutch of eggs beside him in the ring of handkerchiefs, grinning broadly.

Jazra peers at the clutch of eggs. "Nice bunch of them you've got there. I should come back some time to see how they're doing." She says with a wink. "Liaoth's a little shy with new faces, she'll warm up to your queen eventually." She points out the green, who seems to have brightened and croons more confidently to the gold. "Not to mention we just transferred to Ierne a couple of months ago. I'm going to take her for a good ride over the island tomorrow after we do our duties so she can get more familiar with the surrounding landscape. Just because we're new, doesn't mean we shouldn't hit the ground rolling." She says with a grin to Chamynda.

Chamynda breaths a sigh of relief as Senuti comes splashing out of the water. "I really did think Eliaryth had sat on her, she was gone so long." The rider grins to Kole. "Hello, Senuti, no, we're not even touching them, see? Just having a look." Eliaryth, meanwhile, has come out of the water and up the beach to say a proper hello to the shy Liaoth. The gold lowers her head and croons softly to her fellow dragon. "Where did you transfer from? Up North?" Cammy enquires of Jazra. "And yes, being new can be hard enough."

Kole nods cheerfully, grinning brightly. "Thanks! And do come back, I dunno when they'll hatch but I've got a feeling it's soon." A pause and he stares out at the dragons, while Senuti chirps inquiringly at Chamynda and Jazra. Safe? A nod from Kole. Okay, all's well. She flits onto a branch of the tree, not willing to leave just yet. Chirrrr. He opens his mouth but
Cammy asks the question he would have, as he shuts his mouth and awaits the answer, looking back down at the little clutch.
Jazra shakes her head. "No, I transferred from Monaco Weyr. My brother's Weyrmate is stuck there for awhile. He wanted me to help keep her company. I wanted a change of scenery. So I made it a permanent transfer." She says with a nod. Senuti is watched carefully. "Wow, fussy." She chuckles. Liaoth croons back at Eliaryth, becoming more friendly now.

Chamynda ahs softly. "And are you enjoying it so far? I'm a Southern girl myself, born and bred, though not from the Weyr." Senuti is given a smile. "She's allowed to be fussy, she's a proud 'lizard-mama. You'll have to come get me when they hatch, Kole. Berrym and I just love watching the new darling come into the world." Eliaryth wuffles softly to Liaoth, squatting down in the wet sand to try and look a little smaller and friendlier.

Kole listens curiously, eyeing the woman as she speaks. "Monaco, hm?" He says, making an attempt at conversation. "I've not been there, how was it?" To Chamynda he grins, nodding. "I'll have someone send a 'lizard for you if I'm not near where you are. If ever, you can just keep coming back?" Grin. Someone has been spending all his off time there. Then there's that notebook...

You paged Chamynda with '|Gentle breezes betray Liaoth's mental blush, just the flutter of blossoms and the sweet scent of Amaryllis blossoms scattered across a bright clemant field. <<Its nice to meet you Eliaryth. You have such wonderful weather here in Southern.>>'.

Chamynda pages: Liaoth senses that Eliaryth returns the greeting with sunny rays of light << And it is nice to meet you. It is nice here, yes. Colder up at Monaco?>>

You paged Chamynda with '|Liaoth wafts anemone scented zephyrs to the gold. <<Not at all, but Monaco is warmer than Ierne. I miss the sunshine!>> The green is warming up to her new gold friend. <<You'd think because we too are in the south that Ierne would be warm. Sadly, it is not.>>'.

Chamynda pages: Liaoth senses that Eliaryth caresses the scented zephyrs with her own warm, sunlit breeze, entwining the two in a perfect whiff of cloud. << It had been clammily warm here, and stuffy to boot, a few sevendays ago. You should be glad you didn't visit, too, when it was pelting fat drops of rain day in and day out. You and yours picked a good day to visit. It is nice on the beach, too. >>

Chamynda nods to Jazra "I hear it's nice at Monaco, though I've not been there myself. Maybe we could take a visit there together some time?" She queries. "If you're going that way at some stage, that is." Kole's suggestion draws a laugh from her. "I'll set Berrym up here, if Senuti doesn't mind? He can help protect the eggs and come herald the hatchlings' arrival when the time comes? He's never fathered a clutch of his own, but he's mighty protective of any female's clutch, just ask Kioto."

Jazra nods and tells Kole. "Its near Cove hold, and if anything its hotter there than it was here." She watches Liaoth settle down next to Eliaryth, the green visibly warming to the bigger gold. Jazra yawns. "My firelizards went wild when I came forward when I was thirteen. I miss them both, Schiffer, my green had such a glare to her. I swear it could wither flowers! And my blue Biya was perky, bold, and completely into everything." She looks over at Liaoth and smiles. "Liaoth wanted me to get another one, something about a little brother or sister. I think she's curious about them."

Kole sits in the sand underneath the tallest tree beside his clutch, shaking his head towards Chamynda, smiling in appreciation. "That would be kind. I don't mind at all, and I doubt Senuti can do anything about any other lizard hanging about." Jazra's lifemate gets a curious look and a smile. "Hopefully you'll be about when they start to rocking, then!" A smile. "Unless, you've got something to trade...?" A look towards Chamynda, then a grin. "I might let you take your pick of the litter."

Chamynda also watches her lifemate. The gold seems to be doing her best to make friends with the Ierne green. "Oh, that's a shame, Jazra. I don't suppose the poor things could understand about coming forward, then." Berrym comes zooming in from the water, scattering droplets as he goes, then settles in a branch of the tree that shelters the eggs. He chirples softly, enquiringly, of Senuti. I won't hurt them, can I egg-sit with you? "Oh, I doubt I'd have anything of interest to trade with you, Kole. But I'll come watch them rock when it's time. I don't honestly think I could handle a third, what with the two I've got, and Eliaryth, and Zavynda."

Filthy up to her elbows, Brenka comes wandering over from the Weyrhall. She walks straight to the water, passing the pair of riders and Kole on the way. She pauses just long enough to glance at the clutch. "Senuti is letting other firelizards near her eggs now?" asks Brenka, having stopped a few feed from them and looking over her shoulder back. "That's remarkabe."

Jazra watches Brenka pass her. "Hello there." The Ierner says amiably. Liaoth peers at Brenka next, swiveling her attention from Eliaryth to the candidate. "Sadly no Chamynda. I don't think a one of my friends firelizards made it forward either. My brother had a bronze lizard that he never saw hide nor hair of again. And bronzes and golds are supposed to be the most reliable. "I don't think I'd be able to trade anything either Kole. Unless you shoot a bow and arrows, in which case I could trade you extra arrows, but other than that nothing."

Kole nods, beaming over to Brenka happily, shifting in his seat. "Hello, Brenka! She seems to have calmed down now that she's comfortable with the nesting spot. And she trusts that I'm not trying anything funny with them anymore." He sends loving emotions Senuti-wards, who chirps happily downwards, chittering curiously over at Berrym. And yooou aaare? Chamynda gets a smile, then Jazra gets a thoughtful hm. "Sorry, I don't. You were a hunter, were you?" He's all smiles, isn't he? Such a proud foster-daddy. "You'll just have to come back and keep visiting, then. It isn't so bad here, after all. The fruit juice is fantastic."

"Well, that's great!" decides Brenka, giving Kole a tired smile. "No more chasing poor Eldore around hm?" She bobs her head at Jazra and Chamynda, before heading towards the lake. Once there, she kneels and begins washing her hands, absorbed in her cleaning.

Fiora stomps in just as Mirabeth does her usual fly-over-the-water-and-kick-up-spray thing. Two 'lizards skydance around the green, the trio's joyful mood in no way matching the greenrider's. She clearly is Not Happy, and takes no pains to hide it. In fact, she's even muttering to herself under her breath as she makes her way toward the water.

Chamynda waves to Brenka, as the candidate finishes washing her hands and then disappears again. Berrym chirps softly to Senuti. I'm just here to help you watch them, honest! Eliaryth ducks as Mirabeth scatters water everywhere, bugling a greeting to her green sister. "Fiora mustn't be far off or...oh! Fiora!" She notices the greenrider's mood immediately, and gets to her feet to hurry over and see what's up. "You ok?" Cammy slings an arm around her 'sisters' shoulder.

Jazra ducks, and Liaoth squeals, ducking before the green bugles a rebuke to Mirabeth. "eeeek....." The green straightens up and walks over to the water. A shrill irritated whistle is leveled at Mirabeth for the disturbance. "Uh oh. Annoyed, and then shy, annoyed, and then shy." Then Fiora's expression makes her quiet down. Liaoth crouches by the water, her whistles of irritation are accompanied by disgruntled mental mumbling.

Kole looks up curiously, watching Mirabeth's skimming of the water and Liaoth's reaction before eyeing the approach of her rider, warily watching the woman before Chamynda approaches her. If Chamynda is safe with her, he decides that he'll be safe too, though he still watches with open interest. Senuti curls her tail and chirps decidedly, flittering down to pace amongst the eggs in the little ring, crooning lovingly over them. One almost wobbles a little, or was that a trick of the eye?

Mirabeth pulls back and just /looks/ at Liaoth before snorting in return and then ignoring the other green. Maybe some of Fi's attitude /is/ rubbing off. The rider herself glances up and snarls, "The mindhealer says I'm /scared/ to weyrmate." Technically true, though obviously the redhead's been brooding about this for some time. Fi, brooding? Never. She does spare a nod for the other folks on the beach, though.

Caluki looking less dirty, and/or tired than on some days, Luki comes strolling down the beach. His hair is damp from a recent bath, and his expression pleasant, as he approaches the group. Sure, there's a snarling and spitting greenrider nearby, but it can't be /too/ bad. The boy carefully avoids Fiora's gaze, instead sidling near to Kole and Brenka. "Heyla," He greets them, then the others nearby, with a bright smile. Knots aren't noticed just yet, he's too busy eyeing the greenrider out of the corner of his eye. "Seem to've come at a bad time, perhaps." This is murmured with a rueful grin to his fellow Candidates. Sheesh, riders!

Eliaryth warbles softly to both greens, telling them both that there's nothing to worry about. Everything will be fine. Chamynda looks at Fiora and sighs. "I'm yet to go see her. Apparantly, I'm the only one who hasn't been yet. Scared to Weyrmate? Piffle. You just haven't found someone decent. There's a slight shortage of decent men around here, or hasn't Amzel noticed?" There's no mention of Z'vin just yet. "I still haven't talked to you about what happened with Sitesh. I just knew she'd let someone down again. Though, why it had to be you....I just can't forgive that this time, cousin or not."

Jazra looks up at this 'scared to weyrmate' of course, the same could be said of the Ierner, who is wisely considering her words before saying. "N' why would a mindhealer say somthin so cruel to a cutie like you?" Jazra asks smoothly. Liaoth's head swivels to regard her rider, a low sarcastic croon and the green is moving to sit by Eliaryth. Okay, coming on to an irate greenrider isn't the best thing to do, Jazra should know that by now, but the Ierner manages a huge goofy grin on her face. "She shouldn' say that unless she knows the whole story. Speaking of stories, why don't we find a quiet cup of klah sometime?" Liaoth rolls her whirling blue eyes in annoyance and turns to Eliaryth and Mirabeth to twitter excitedly. The green watches her rider, crouching in a draconic grimace.

You page to Chamynda and Fiora, Jazra says "|Camelia blossoms fly apart on a gust of wind, red, pink, white. <<Tell yours not to be too upset, the same could be said of my rider. Despite having ridden me for a long time, she has not had a permanent Weyrmate. I think "mated to the job" is the phrase she'd use.>>"

Kole listens to the exchange with rapt attention, grinning at Caluki and giving him a twitch of the brow. Hey there. Also, Shush, you. Jazra's words are met with eyebrows raised, looking over at Caluki with a goofy grin on his face. "What'dja pull today?" He greets, proper, keeping one ear on the conversation and the other on the riders. Fascinating creatures, women riders.

Fiora snarls again at the mention of Cammy's cousin, and the curses that come out of her mouth are startling in their creativity. "... her," she finishes up, after impugning the woman's forebears and wishing all manner of horrible fates on her. "Of /course/ there's a shortage of decent men, they all get /worked/ to death!" Oops. Fortunately, before she can cram that foot any further down her throat, she's stopped dead in her tracks by Jazra's invitation. "Uhhh... what?" She sounds ever so intelligent. And then she realizes who's there. "Kole! Yes! Kole, I need a new dress! And... a haircut!" Wait, where did this come from?

Chamynda withdraws her arm from Fiora's shoulders just as she finishes insulting her cousin, blinking rapidly at first the come-on from Jazra, then the finish and grand-finale to the tirade where Fi asks Kole for a makeover of all things. "Fiora, are you feeling ok? Not that time of month, is it? Or is it Mirabeth's time?" Really classy, Cammy, right out in the middle of the beach, and in public. "Or has Z'vin done something?" Jazra gets a warning glare.

Jazra looks baffled at the sudden change from anger, to........ makeover? The greenrider pushes the wrapped braids back from her face. Liaoth's eyes are whirling in amusement. "Um......." Then her grin broadens sheepishly. "I could do the..... haircut?" She squeaks. "ummm......." This was not the response she had been expecting.

Caluki grins. "Storeroom cleaning. Wasn't too hard." He murmurs, glancing over at the girls. "What's /wrong/ with them?" He whispers, eyes wide. Of course, to him, but a poor boy, every single one of 'em looks completely insane.

From afar to Chamynda, Caluki, Kole, and Jazra, Fiora says "Mirabeth answers, with a drift of cool, puzzled aquamarine, << I'm not telling mine /anything/ right now. I think she's lost her fardlin' mind. >>"

A look between astonishment and honor possesses Kole's face, and he literally stands to the challenge. Caluki gets a ghost of a sympathetic grin and a wave of the hand. Just a moment, there's fashion afoot. "A new dress? Do you have any fabric?" Right to the task, Kole is drawn to the woman, eyeing her shape with a practised eye and murmuring measurements under his breath. Under his breath, of course, for safety. Ah yes, he knows women well. At least in this vein. "Your hair is beautiful now, what did you want to do with it?" Jazra's offer gets a playfully challenging grin. "Really? Are you experienced, Jazra?"

Uh oh. Now Fi's got a full head of steam, so to speak, and there's no stopping her. "No, nonono, he hasn't done anything." Note how she skips over the other options. "I'm just tired of looking like the same old boring Fiora in her long skirts and pants and tunics and the long hair and whatnot. It's time for a change!" She bounces over to Jazra and reaches for the greenrider's wrist to pull her along in Fi's bouncing wake. "Scissors! We need scissors!" she proclaims. "I have no idea," she informs Kole. "I just want... different. And pretty." So specific.

Chamynda shakes her head in dismay. Well, at least Z'vin's not at the core of the issue. "I'll, ah...leave you to it then, Fi." There's something going on in Fiora's head, clearly, but what it is will have to wait to be revealed to Chamynda. This goldrider, is out of here while the proverbial sun is still shining. "Kole, take care." And she means that it more ways than one. "Bye Fiora...don't do anything rash now..." ANd off Cammy scampers.

Jazra giggles. "Okay, I do my own hair anyway. If you have embroidery floss I can do wraps on your bangs like mine. And you know, even with long hair there's a lot that's 'new' that you can do to it. My brother's weyrmate, Triana, she's wrapped her hair up with green cloth, she's tied rings onto them even, its very pretty. Oh dear." Fi's abrupt change of heart has Jazra blinking in surprise as she's pulled and bounced and..... what has she gotten herself into?

Caluki throws up his hands and backs away, tossing the girls not-so-covert wary glances. "I'll see you back in the barracks." He laughs towards Kole. "I've got to -- work on my writing." Right. With almost-twitchy grins, the boy takes a few steps backwards and then flees, step jaunty but quick enough to carry him away /fast/.

The ex-tailor waves Chamynda and Caluki out, nodding his promise to the first and turning back to the greenriders. "I'm sorry to ask again, Fiora, but d'you have fabric? Or are you planning on using Weyr stores? Or mayhap you've the marks to buy some? I already have some things I could alter to fit your height... You're such a cute little thing..." He lowers his hand to above her head, far shorter than he, and smiles pleasantly, to show no harm. "Something light, airy... yet at the same time dramatic... perhaps..." A conspiratorial look. "The /little black dress/?"

Fiora waves a hand in Jazra's direction with a big grin. "Either way. Just something different, y'know?" Headtilt at Kole. "I don't have any fabric or anything, but I've got some marks if there's nothing in stores. I don't want anything fancy, just something attractive. I've seen what you can do, so I'm sure it'll be perfect." Her breezy confidence in his abilities is justified, but it's unlike Fi to take an interest in fashion. Maybe there is something going on.

Jazra is pretty surprised that somebody could go from angry to this happy. But stranger things have happened. Liaoth warbles happily, but her tone is still. 'hooooo boy.' "Uuuuh, okay. Just get me some scissors and a towel so I can keep your clothes clean and I'll do your hair right now."

Kole is dressed for swimming, and hands the towel 'round his neck right over. Thankfully it's clean, not covered in sweat or sand. He moves over to the pack beside the nest under the tree, flipping it open and rummaging through it with a triumphant 'a-ha!' Returning, he hands over a pair of small, sharp scissors. "Never know when a thread will come loose, I always make sure I can snip it off proper instead of pulling at it like a dolt." He forks them over to Jazra, giving her a wary look. "Don't cut too much... just in case..."

Fiora plops herself down on the sand. "Oh, don't worry about the clothes. They need washing anyway." An eyebrow quirks at Kole. "Just in case?" Mira, getting washed by the 'lizards, snorts a snickery laugh and Fi sticks her tongue out. "Well this will make it easier on you, Lady Matchmaker, so keep your big ol' nose out of it."

Jazra sighs, and sits next to Fiora. "You're that happy to meet me? Shells, I'd have come to Southern sooner if I knew I'd be jumped on by pretty ladies." Jazra laughs.

You paged Fiora with '|Liaoth wafts a sprinkling of hibiscus and gardinia scented warmth through a patch of forget me nots. <<Yours has made mine very happy, I don't think I have ever seen her with a smile that large.>>'.

Kole shrugs to Fiora, making a safety-face. "Just in case, you know? In case it doesn't work out so well, so you don't end up... on second thought..." He tilts his head to the side, plopping himself down in the sand in front of her. "You had to cut your hair very short when you became a weyrling, didn't you?" His eyes gain a faraway look, as if he's trying to place it on her. "I reckon it probably didn't look so-Shells and shards." He stands abruptly, gawking down at the riders, holding up his hands. "I have. The /perfect/ dress."

Fiora squints over at Jazra, probably pulling whatever strands of hair she's working on right out of her fingers. "Hmmm. Well, after this, wanna go get that klah you were talking about?" Ooh, suddenly Fi's all assertive! Just as she opens her mouth to say something to Kole, he interrupts himself and she blinks and rears back. Hopefully those scissors aren't in a pointy position. "You do?"

Jazra nods to Fiora. "Aye, some klah sounds like a good thing about now!" Jazra stands and offers Fiora a hand. "Name's Jazra, and my lovely celadon beauty over there is Liaoth. We're from Ierne Weyr. Transferred there not so long ago."

He's gone. Without a word. Dashing off at full speed, racing the falling sun, Kole leaves the women to the haircut, no doubt headed for the candidate barracks and the press that lies within. 

Jazra visits Southern for an afternoon, and crazy Southerners plus a socially awkward Jazra spells trouble!