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04 April 2008 @ 05:25 pm
Green Rolling Star: Green Rizu's April Fools Fun!  

 ---| Southern Bowl |-----------------------------------| Ierne Weyr (#44) |---
Rizu>       The remains of the extinct volcano have given Ierne the gift of a nearly circular bowl that is shaded throughout the day, save high noon, by the steep, cragged edges of the hollowed mountain. Caverns have been carved from floor to high rim -- some for rider weyrs, some for service caverns, and others home to the various residents and crafters that live here. To the west, stairs have been carved in an old lava tube to form the arched entrance to the Hatching Cavern, the rim of which is only visible because an entire quarter of the ridge is missing.
     To the south stand the elegant 'doors' to the lower caverns, etched with Ierne Weyr's emblem; nearby, the path to the beach can also be seen, the lava having made the path smooth but at the same time treacherous and craggy in places.
      The spring afternoon slips away under streaky clouds of white, that form non-discernable patterns.
Rizu> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dragons:     Mukuth        
Firelizards: Scipio          Eldore          Tora            Rizu          
Rizu> Obvious exits:
Rizu> Feeding Grounds  Beach  Northern Bowl  Lake  Hatching Cavern  Underground Stream Cavern

Rizu> Rizu(#2223QVaps$)
Rizu> This green's no beauty, but she has a strange ethereal quality about her. Her hide's a mismatched collection of different greens, most of them vibrant and eerie like some glowing patchwork doll. Oddly, the various hues have organised themselves into intricate and delicate patches, though there are places where the colours blend together. Her front right leg is a deep mossy green, quite out of place and quite bizarre. It matches the equally dark patch of velvety-looking sylvan hide on her left cheek. She's not a particularly large green but she's perfectly proportioned and delicate - one positive aspect to make up for her bizarre colouring. She moves briskly and cheerfully, her narrow viridian wings with a delicately stitched bottle colored design give her the appearance of a stuffed toy that has taken to the air.
 Rizu is 3 turns, 11 months and 19 days old and has grown to 32 centimeters long with a wing span of 53.33 centimeters.; Her delicate hide is soft and verdant with health, giving her a delicate, doll like appearance.
Rizu> I was just looked at by Rizu (Katry).

Rizu> Proud. That single word sums up the entirety of this stocky bronze 'lizard's demeanour and appearance. Possessed of a stocky build and blunted muzzle, he is as intimidating as firelizards come. His colouration, however, comes as sharp contrast to his thick construction: he's a pale bronze, the colour being rather on the yellowish side. Darker bands of red-bronze encircle his body and limbs, though those thin, watery-looking bands are irregular at best. This pattern is broken up at his muzzle, with one reddish blotch planted squarely over his left eye, then smearing down to the point of his muzzle and backwards, as well, to join the rings that spiral down his neck.

He appears to be Scipio is 3 turns, 1 month and 7 days old and has grown to  centimeters long with a wing span of 0.00 centimeters. old.

Rizu> Silvered birch and cracked oak color the weathered hide of this brown. Carefully formed wings are dusted with silver. Aged copper glitters off of his neck ridges and back. Well formed, articulate chocolate talons have little ebony nails on the tips, perfect for deft movements. A fairydusting of starlit redwood creeks along his wings, hips, and tail, which has the appearance of being cut from well aged wood. Despite this frail and cracked appearance, his movements are slow and his limbs move gracefully.

 Eldore is 17 days old and has grown to 6.13 centimeters long with a wing span of 10.21 centimeters.

Rizu> Energetic blues coat this lizards hide, the varied shades of an ever-moving ocean's waters moving inexorably towards an unsuspecting shore. Abyssal colors are prominent, though they lighten over haunches and shoulders to aquamarine, the more brilliant turquoise of a tropical bay tipping each wave-like neckridge. Foamy brine washes down his back and legs to talons of sandy hue, backwashing against his belly to splash even paler spray onto his sides. His wingsails are azure blue, a sunlit sky unmarred by even the wispiest of clouds, their color pure against the support of seaweed strewn 'spars of driftwood, sanded smooth by the eternal pounding of ocean's heart. Tora is about 12 turns, 8 months and 5 days old.

Rizu> Rizu ooc: Okay, looks like enough folks. I'm just going to stick some flight music on and we'll get started!

Rizu> Rizu is standing lone watch on a rock in the bowl. The stars above cast a glorious spectacle above her. Her patchwork hide is glowing with more than health. A low, eager hiss challenges the ink and diamond depths and the green flares her wings above her head. The snarl turns into a shriek as she glares around her, looking for any fellow stargazers.

Rizu> Scipio swoops quietly into the area, the only warning the flutter of air passing wingsails as he banks, back-wings and lands with military precision. The stocky fellow doesn't do much right off, merely arranges himself on his chosen rock with a clatter of pinions and a long, low hissing croon.

Rizu> Splayed out on a small flat rock after a long day of running messages about the rather large blue, Tora, is brought back from his private 'lizard thoughts as Rizu shrieks. Cocking his head to the side it seems to take him a moment to realize what's going on, but once he's figured it out he's up and shaking his wings out to make himself presentable, crooning softly.

Rizu> Stars shmars. Stars pale next to the glowing light casting off from Rizu. An average sized brown creeps forward a pace or two, eyes whirling a bit as he croons a soft little melody to appease the stargazer's wrath. Lifting his dark blotched head higher, he stretches his wings out, as if to display his worthiness.

Rizu> Rizu snarls at the males, whirling on her rock left, right, left, before leaping lithely down and flaring her wings out behind her. Prowling like a tiger Rizu manages a loud shriek of defiance at all three males. Her tail whips back and forth like a snake, ready to strike a foe down where it, or he, stands.

Rizu> Scipio doesn't answer the starlit challenge, even when so ... fetchingly ... given. There's merely the scratch of claws on the rock as he waits to see where she's to leap; there's no flicking of the tail, no showing off, nothing. Why give his object warning, after all?

Rizu> Tora might be big for his color but he's not stupid. Folding his wings tightly over his back he stands his ground and puffs is chest out, standing like the feline king of his little rock.

Rizu> With a leap back, the blotchy brown chitters excitedly as his gaze follows the defiant green. He stays well out of her reach for now, though he does take a hesitant skitter forward as he lowers his head, crooning softly. Ignoring the other males, this little wild fellow begins to pace slowly back and forth, waiting for the glowing beauty to make her next move.

Rizu> Rizu hisses once more to the males, then a loud carol indicates that they should follow. The green leaps skyward with a shrill call to the boys below, catch me if you can!

Rizu> Scipio hunkers down, power coiling in his hind legs before he's off with a powerful leap, wings unfolding with a snap of effort. The pale bronze gleams like butter in the moonlight as he wings upwards in pursuit of Rizu, angling away at first. The tactical retreat proves wise though; he catches a stronger updraft closer to the bowl walls, and soon spirals upwards quickly.

Rizu> Crouching low to the rock, Tora's rear end gives a little pre-jump wiggle like a feline about to pounce before he's launched himself into the air. Chiming in his firelizard equivalent of a bugle he chases after the sparkling green shooting star.

Rizu> The blotchy fellow's head weaves back and forth, offering a placating croon to the glowy green. As she leaps skywards, he bunches up and leaps after, though he's by no means the first off the ground. Working his wings strongly, he grabs air and rises higher and higher with each beat. He merely works to hold his air for the moment, keeping pace in the chase.

Rizu> Rizu weaves and ducks and wends her way around the bowl, the green is more like a UFO than a shooting star as the sparkling light circles and spirals in the chaotic flight patterns she's known around the Weyr for. A shriek of keen delight, and fireworks bloom across the facets of her eyes, rippling first blue, then red, then violet with arousal. The otherwordly gleam climbs steeply up into the sky, gaining speed and altitude for further stunts.

Ierne Weyr> Linara just knows Katry has 'Shooting Star' from Bleach going.
Ierne Weyr> Katry says, "No, I have "Hit me Up" and a /loooong/ playlist going."
Ierne Weyr> Katry says, "Rizu is named after Mabashi's puppet Rizu in Bleach. So her flight patterns match."
Ierne Weyr> Linara says, "I know the reference, yes."
Ierne Weyr> Veyanne suddenly feels old.
Ierne Weyr> Katry says, "Very few people do. >:D."

Rizu> Scipio has never been flashy, will never be flashy and certainly isn't going to start, even if there's a tumbling, luring, lovely green darting through the air. He plans a siege instead, flicking quickly from one warmer upgust to the other, gaining height faster than Rizu's chaotic patterns lend her. Once there, he circles, waiting, watching, for the movements to show the tiniest weakness.

Rizu> Tora knows better than to try and follow the green's acrobatics, it'll just lose him time and energy best saved for other "activities". He follows her general path though, brilliant blue wings sweeping against the sky like a wave against the beach in the dead of night, the dividing line between sea and sky.

Rizu> The Blotchy brown dodges this way and that, ducking and dodging as he manages to keep up with the glowing gem shooting through the sky. Saving his energy, he doesnt croon or chitter in reply, simply beating his wings a with a little more strength tryin to ease a bit closer. Eyes like sparkling Amethyst gems, the blotchy brown gains a bit more air, though he's still not as close to his goal as he would like.

Ierne Weyr> Linara says, "Scipio is much more of a Nova."

Rizu> Rizu keens and screeches wildly as suddenly a huuuuuge gust of wind lends the green some serious air as she blows nearly straight up against the current. Rizu crows in triumph as the winds give her fuel. The green banks, buzzing between Tora and Scipio, /tantalizingly/ out of the range of both. A teasing twitter and the green circles like a turkey vulture, gaining ground from the same gust that sent her upwards in the first place.

Rizu> Scipio flicks out of the with with a quick fillip of stocky bronze body. Wings flick once, twice as he whips his neck around for a quick look, hissing at the others in the chase. Back off - when she falls like the star she's pretending to be, /he/ was in this space first, entrenched.

Rizu> Tora is having none of this! Hissing at the bronze in retaliation he half swipes at him before regaining his composure. Scanning the sky for the green he nearly doubles over on himself as he shoots upwards after her, riding the leftovers of the gust that gave her her altitude. Stubborn little blue.

Rizu> With a trill of distress, the blotchy brown watches as the glowy star shoots almost straight up, well out of his reach. He doesnt give up though, he simply works his wings all the harder. After a moment, he dips a wing and veers off away, it seems, from the chase. But he finds a thermal that rockets him upwards. He's higher, and has actually managed to catch up with the others. Unfortunately, the blotchy brown is growing tired.

Rizu> Rizu squeals in glee as her body archs and then she plunges like a fighter jet, Doooooooown Rizu goes, a brilliant star rolling through the sky. There's a triumphant crow as the green moves to action, completely satisfied with diving past the very persuers who have previously been flying /upwards/ after her. Oh yes, somebody's the center of attraction.

Ierne Weyr> Katry  XD Two bleach song references in one pose. WOOOOOO
Ierne Weyr> Linara says, "Bad!"
Ierne Weyr> Katry has to turn on Number One now! Blaaaazin!

Rizu> Scipio snarls a challenge at that half-hearted claw coming his way, but is distracted by Rizu as she comes tumbling down as predicted. He wings once, pauses to bleed off a little of his own speed, then wings forward powerfully again, conveniently located spans below the rest to intercept and, if possible, catch his object of desire.

Rizu> Confused at this sudden drop in height, Tora pauses momentarily, hovering and hanging in the sky. Pulling his wings in just enough to give him a controlled dive he circles once, finds his target, and drops.

Rizu> The blotchy brown watches the green as she dives down, but he doesnt follow, yet. Not betting his odds against the much bigger bronze, he waits, surely the green will come up again. That was his plan, but as quickly as he thought it, he tucks wings close and dives after the falling green, paws extended ready to save her from the perils below.

Rizu> This is the /wrong/ move for all three to do, because just as quickly as she falls Rizu turns /upward/ again, in the zigzag flight pattern that inspired her name. She's going up again and squealing in delight, forget if the males get tired.

Rizu> Rizu ooc one more round and then I'll call for catch poses.

Rizu> Scipio is a bronze; tiredness is not in any measure of his frame, especially not this early in the game, and not with the minimal effort he had to exert so far. Still, as he drifts down a little too far, he corrects and gives several power beats of his wings again, climbing through the air at a steep angle. Now... ah! He spots the rock he was looking for, gives a flick of his wings and pulls off a sling-shot around it, a maneuver that'd see a more tired 'lizard with a smashed face or wing. The wind sings past his light frame and he soars upward at a steep angle.

Rizu> Creeling in frustration Tora flips about midair. His big for his color but not so big that he can't still pull off aerobatics when it's needed. He was tired before this started but pure desire, and quite a bit of his innate stubborness isn't going to allow him to stop now. Pumping his wings hard he climbs at a surprisingly steep angle, determination and desire swirling within his multifaceted eyes. He's not giving up now!

Rizu> With a hiss of annoyance, the brown pulls out of his dive and tips a wing for another thermal. It doesnt shoot him skywards, but assist in his upward momentum. Using what little strength he has left, the blotchy lizard struggles to regain the distance he has lost. Barely, he manages it, but the glowing beauty is still not within his reach. It would take a miracle for green gem to get tossed his way.

Rizu> Rizu shrills defiance, but her strength is weakening, and so the green decides to pull off one final chaotic pinball zigzag of flight, shooting patterns at random between the three males. Creeling the UFL (unidentified flying firelizard), shoots straight up, her green hide scattering fireworks across the sky. Then she reaches the apex of her randomized zooming and that is where, magnificently, the green's strength gives out. She half folds her wings like a stealth fighter and suddenly she's plummeting towards the ground, may her pursuers proceed to snatch at their own discretion!

Rizu> Rizu ooc catch poses please.

Ierne Weyr> Katry has coined a new slang phrase! UFL Unidentified Flying Lizard!

Rizu> Scipio backwings once, then twice - he'll smash her if they collide at both their relative speeds. Seconds later his wings snap out a third time, and he whips his neck 'round again, calculating. Break, break... /now/. He moves with no wasted trills or further fancy flying, just a spiral upwards to possibly catch, support and claim his object.

Rizu> Tora just doesn't have it in him to follow the green on her zig-zagging maze across the sky, but he keeps a close eye on her. Evening out his ascent he floats briefly and - there it is! Tilting back and turning slightly sideways he enters an awkward angled but till controlled dive after the green prize, talons outstretched to snatch her from the sky.

Rizu> The brown cheeps in alarm as the green goes into another dive. For a moment, he stretches his wings wide, gliding for about a second before snapping his wings to his sides tightly. Claws outstretched, the brown darts almost silently through the air, heedless of the other males nor his own safety. His only thought of is trying to snatch the falling green out of the air and whisk her away to do a bit of stargazing in the spring nighttime sky.

Rizu> Rizu ooc wants to thank the three o' yah for turning up and making tonight fun! Alas that it must end! It was really hard to pick the winner, but here it comes!

Rizu> Rizu has suddenly fallen backwards like a damsel that's just plunged from a cliff, but its not for naught, because the green squeals in delight. Forelimbs, rear limbs, and tail soon become tangled within blue Tora's grip, as the green is suddenly swept from her fall by strong blue limbs. With a wine hued whirl to her eyes, Rizu croons in delight. Hey there tiger, I just happened to be falling here and....... croooooooon.

Rizu> Scipio doesn't catch his prey, and so makes for the open skies instead, and the freedom to be found there.

Rizu> With a annoyed hiss to the blue, and bronze too, the blotchy wild brown pulls out of his dive and wings away from the chase. Ater a moment, he disappears *between*, leaving the field of battle in defeat.

Rizu> Tora bugles his triumph and envelopes the green in his wings like the sea protecting a precious pearl as they make their descent.

=========================( BULLETIN BOARD : IEW POST )========================
9    Katry           Fri Apr  4 14:19  A Rolling Green Star

Rizu, Katry's flighty, patchworked, daredevil green girelizard pulled the /ultimate/ in April Fools annoyance. After driving her foodthing up a rope, Rizu went Stargazing. Then the proddy green lizard decided to join the stars. So she lead three male firelizards on a wild chase.
 blue Tora, bronze Scipio, and a blotchy brown firelizard NPC'd by Sam all gave the stunt happy green firelizard a merry chase. UFL (unidentified flying firelizard) Rizu's strength eventually gave out, and blue Tora swept the green off of her feet.
 As per her usual, Rizu grew egg bloated, and as per her usual, Rizu went off on her own for a week when she became egg heavy, came back not egg heavy. While a Weyrbrat eventually found her clutch, only one egg hatched, and though the brat now has a new pet. None of the other eggs survived.
 OOC: No PC clutch, poor Rizu. But thank you everyone who came out and made this flight spectacular. Rizu luffs ya all!
 Katry and the *chuuuur* aren't I fast? Spiritual Puppet Green Rizu


Katry's green firelizard Rizu goes on a wild April Fools flight through the bowl at Ierne Weyr. Who will catch the UFL (Unidentified Flying Lizard)(tm)? Find out!
Location: IEW Bowl
Music: Number One, Version Filmologica