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04 March 2008 @ 10:31 pm
Katry Return Post........  

Okay, so there was a major shuffle up recently. So I'm going to post a 'hi my name is' type of post. 

I'm Katry, IC I hold a carpenters position in the lower caverns. OOC I mostly hang out at Southern Weyr, but there are just as many good times here to me. I'm looking forwards to the reform of Ierne Weyr. 

One thing that I want to do, is start a Weyr how to guide, how things around the Weyr are made. Most of my handicrafts I know from either experimentation or from reading Wicca and New Age books. However, I'll do my best to rework the ones I know so that they can fit Pern, and especially Ierne Weyr. Since I have knowledge of several other handicraft projects that aren't carpenter related. 

I'll very likely be submitting them for Ierne Weyr's website, but a few might also go up on the LJ.