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18 June 2008 @ 05:37 pm
Hello, and welcome to those who have found this community recently. This group is loosely regulated; people are free to post logs, vignettes about themselves, ideas for events, and general comments. The one binding rule is that they refer to people who are part of Ierne Weyr on SouCon MUSH. And that the posts stay within pg-13 range in line with the game. The two binding rules are that... oh, nevermind.
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29 April 2008 @ 11:30 am
Ashyn takes Elzanyth for a bath at the lake and meets Ierne's new greenrider, Jazra.


Jazra visits Southern for an afternoon, and crazy Southerners plus a socially awkward Jazra spells trouble!
So here I am when I should be at work, pondering the imponderable mysteries of space, time and online games. I don't mean things like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, but the older text-based variant. I'm pondering SouCon in particular, and the acrimony that has occurred there in the past. I wasn't around for the Whole Ierne Thing, as I've got it dubbed in my head, so I'm just getting bits and pieces here and there. There was a question about what to do with it, and a few options.

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Katry's green firelizard Rizu goes on a wild April Fools flight through the bowl at Ierne Weyr. Who will catch the UFL (Unidentified Flying Lizard)(tm)? Find out!
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04 March 2008 @ 10:31 pm

Okay, so there was a major shuffle up recently. So I'm going to post a 'hi my name is' type of post. 

I'm Katry, IC I hold a carpenters position in the lower caverns. OOC I mostly hang out at Southern Weyr, but there are just as many good times here to me. I'm looking forwards to the reform of Ierne Weyr. 

One thing that I want to do, is start a Weyr how to guide, how things around the Weyr are made. Most of my handicrafts I know from either experimentation or from reading Wicca and New Age books. However, I'll do my best to rework the ones I know so that they can fit Pern, and especially Ierne Weyr. Since I have knowledge of several other handicraft projects that aren't carpenter related. 

I'll very likely be submitting them for Ierne Weyr's website, but a few might also go up on the LJ.

16 December 2007 @ 11:31 am
This is my candidate's log of Ierne's Hatching last night, December 15, 2007. I am happy to say I came away with lovely Astuzith. :D Without further ado, here it is:

PC Candidates: Einea, Varryn, Wreyn
PC Impressions:

Secretive Stone Egg -- Cavalier Doldrums Green Avaryth Impressed to Einea
Inexorable Allure Egg -- Son of the Mountain Blue Diovineth Impressed to A'ryn (Varryn)
Deep Thing Egg -- Ruthlessly Glittering Riches Bronze Astuzith Impressed to W'rye (Wreyn)

NPC Impressions:

Combustive Genesis Egg -- Brown Garenth Impressed to G'for (Graffor)
Illegal Aerial Egg -- Blue Burseth Impressed to S'dan (Sardan)
Miniscule Tiny Tiny Egg -- Green Epherth Impressed to Th'rid (Thanrid)
Psychedelic Shimmer Egg -- Blue Lamanth Impressed to D'mon (Dramon)
Resplendent Rainbow Egg -- Green Feyth Impressed to Ellamy
Fragile Beauty Egg -- Green Sasianth Impressed to Soama
Ominously Otherworldly Egg -- Green Xeonath Impressed to Michi
Vile Villain Egg -- Green Harmiath Impressed to Julrie
Jewel of the Deep Egg -- Green Morynth Impressed to C'min (Carmine)
Russet Swirls Egg -- Green Nicerth Impressed to J'lin (Jinlin)
Monstrous Sun-Baked Egg -- Brown Caernoth Impressed to B'er (Bancher)
Northern Meaty Treat Egg -- Green Whiyerth Impressed to Ranna
Traitorly Deliciousness Egg -- Blue Zodarth Impressed to A'es (Ales)
Hideous Brass Egg -- Green Umesath Impressed to Leina (Leilana)
Scaled Corruption Egg -- Green Nagulth Impressed to Aukure
Tantalizing Trapped Treat Egg -- Blue Ormeth Impressed to Pr'mar (Prelmar)
Elegantly Detailed Egg -- Green Naiath Impressed to Vaia
Ungainly Avocado Egg -- Brown Poghath Impressed to I'yan (Iggyan)
Indescribable Starspawn Egg -- Green Yirsath Impressed to I're (Ikure)
Slime Creature's Egg -- Green Kysath Impressed to Lylase
Smoldering Hearth Egg -- Blue Torith Impressed to C'tir (Caphtir)
Pointy Granite Egg -- Green Laenath Impressed to Daylene

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15 December 2007 @ 07:07 pm

Back during the ban, riders and residents alike sort fruit and roots from the mountains and fields around Ierne Weyr. Katry gets help from Einea and Mariena... eventually Katry is called away to assist his fellow carpenters...
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15 December 2007 @ 06:27 pm

Katry puts aside a report for the steward in order to pass a local story on to Einea.
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29 October 2007 @ 04:27 pm
Our first ever State of the Weyr Address! Please feel free to +mail Kaida, M'jin, and Shakti with your answers to the questions at the end OR add a comment at the end of this LJ post for general review. :)

Thanks, everyone!


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